Khuan+Ktron Maps on

Colorful and Detailed Maps Illustration by Khuan+Ktron

Beautiful maps illustration by graphic design studio, Khuan + Ktron. Love the unique style of the illustration in produced a series of fun and colorful cities of New York, Paris, and various European…

mclelun illustration

Malaysia Urban Scene in Manga Style by McLelun

Amazing Malaysia urban scene in Manga Style drawn by McLelun, a designer, programmer and illustrator based from Malaysia. Lun enjoys doodling, creating new characters, experimenting with variety of software and creating helpful tutorials….

Joan Cornellà on

Hilarious Absurb Comics of Joan Cornellà

Joan Cornellà dark humor and disturbing comics will make you laugh and squirm at the same time. Kinda love all the stories telling through his playful drawings. View more of the Spanish Illustrator’s…

Monster Engine on

The Monster Engine Drawings

  The Monster Engine is a book, a demonstration, lecture and a gallery exhibition done by excellent comic artist Dave Devries. The projects start with curiosity of Dave “what would a children drawing…

cyporn illustration on

Pixel porn by Pierrick Thebault

Fun animated porn scenes running on a Game Boy, Cyporn create by Pierrick Thebault. If you enjoyed this post, please support us by follow neuegraphic on Facebook 


Brave the woods illustration

Brad Woodard is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Boston. Check out his website Brave the Woods for more colorful Illustration and design works. If you enjoyed this post, please support us…

Michael Byers illustration on

Whimsical Illustration by Michael Byers

Michael Byers uses his optimistic and whimsical approach to life and adds it to his work. He uses a variety of devices such as bright colors and playful compositions to create wonderful, exciting,…

Perrin illustration on

Beautiful Illustration by Perrin

Beautiful whimsical Illustration work by Perrin, an illustrator, design, and educator based in Baltimore, Maryland. She is excited about how illustration is changing and rearranging itself in the modern, digital age. For more…

Andrew Ho on

Colorful visual imagery by Andrew Ho

Andrew Ho art is an exploration of color and composition. For more of these colorful artworks go HERE. Andrew Ho If you enjoyed this post, please support us by follow neuegraphic on Facebook 

Simon Landrein illustration featured by

Close-up comics of naughty and nice illustration by Simon Landrein

Love the new illustration style by Illustrator Simon Landrein. An illustrator who used to draw beautiful naked fantasy girls. His stories tell of mischief, and sauciness jokes which make the close-up effect even…

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Beautiful fashion Illustration by Leonardo Floresvillar

Discovered the wonderful fashion Illustration artworks by Leonardo Floresvillar, an Illustrator based from Los Angeles California. Love the minimal and simple lines drawing style found in his fashion illustration collection. Leonardo founded BLND…

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Amazing Illustration by Saddo

Was a big fans to Saddo artworks, an Illustrator and muralist from Romania. Love his artistic work ranges from dreamy, colorful, pop-surrealistic paintings to dark and mono chromatic drawings. Discovering some of his…

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Animal Alphabet by Mat Mabe

Mat Mabe creating a nice collection of graphic animal prints from A-Z, he started designing prints for his children’s rooms and ended up finishing 26-letter being exhibited at The Gallery@Pedestrian in Leicester’s Cultural…

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Illustrator Sébastien Thibault with amazing conceptual illustration

Discover an excellent Quebec-based Illustrator Sébastien Thibault with his strong portfolio includes work for TIME, The Boston Globe and Rolling Stone Italy who have all appreciated his talents on conceptual illustration works. We…

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Fun advertising Illustration by Andres Moncayo

Mareol is a nonprescription medicine whose consumption prevent the symptoms of motion sickness during travel, Andres have used a fun and relaxing visual to illustrate and bring out the brand message which I…

kopetman featured by

Lively Illustration style by Budi Kusno Hartanto

Interesting illustration style by Budi Kusno Hartanto or known as Kopetman, an Illustrator based from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Love the colors used and lively lines that can be found from the Illustration. You may…

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Geometric gods by Hey studio

Oh My God, is one of the new series of god-like geometric characters illustration by Barcelona based Hey Studio, for their new show at the Mitte-Barcelona space. “In ancient Greece they had something…

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Fashion Illustration by Antonio

Beautiful fashion illustration by Antonio Soares, an illustrator based from Portugal. For more of his works, see the website here.

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